Australian Embassy

Passport Guarantors

Guarantors in Vietnam

To help us identify the person applying for an Australian passport, we need someone (a "guarantor") to complete the guarantor declaration in the application form.  For information on what criteria are applied to the selection of a guarantor, please see the Australian Passports Office website.

Approved Employment Groups

- Bailiffs
- Barristers, Solicitors and Patent Attorneys
- Bank Managers except managers of bank travel centres (from branch manager or higher)
- Clerk of Courts
- Judges
- Police Officers with at least 5 years continuous service
- Dentists
- Pharmacists (qualified pharmacists - University graduate)
- Registered Medical Practitioners
- Registered Nurses
- Registered Veterinary Surgeons
- Full time teachers with a minimum of five years’ experience at Vietnamese or internationally recognised institutions.
- Postal Managers

Please ensure that the guarantor signs the declaration and the back of the photograph using the same signature.

Passport officers may contact your guarantor by telephone. As the applicant, you should ensure that your guarantor is aware of this and has provided appropriate daytime telephone contact details (preferably a mobile phone number). Any difficulties in contacting your guarantor will cause delays in issuing your passport.

We understand finding an appropriate guarantor can be difficult, however, it is an important part of maintaining a secure passport service and there are no exceptions. We ask that you  take this into account to ensure you get your passport iwithin the standard processing time.

A guarantor is not required for applicants using the "Australian Passport Renewal Application" form.