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Australia delivers 3.6 million Pfizer vaccine doses to VIetnam with UNICEF's support - meeting commitment to deliveyr 7.8 million doses

Ha Noi, 19th February 2022– Australia has delivered 3.6 million Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine doses to Vietnam over recent weeks through a procurement agreement with UNICEF and in partnership with Vietnam’s Ministry of Health. The final 2.2 million doses arrived at Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City today.   

This delivery completes Australia’s commitment to share 7.8 million COVID-19 vaccine doses with Vietnam. In addition to the Pfizer doses procured through UNICEF, Australia has shared 4.2 million AstraZeneca doses from its own supply since August last year.

Australia’s Ambassador to Vietnam, Robyn Mudie welcomed the delivery. “Australia is a close friend and partner of Vietnam and we continue to unite in our shared fight against COVID-19. Vietnam has made tremendous progress with its COVID-19 vaccine rollout and I am proud that Australia could contribute towards this important work. It is critical to saving lives and boosting economic recovery”.

UNICEF Representative, Rana Flowers said: “We are grateful to the Government of Australia for sharing these life-saving vaccine doses with the Vietnamese people. Vietnam has proven itself highly efficient in the safe delivery of vaccines, ensuring that these are utilized effectively. These vaccines will help Vietnam in its effort to reach all, extending over time to children, and ensuring the rollout of booster doses. All of which contributes to a reduction in the severity of disease experienced, and importantly protects hospitals and the health workers from being overwhelmed”.

The Pfizer doses were purchased with UNICEF’s support through Australia’s AUD60 million package of support for Vietnam’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Along with purchasing doses, Australia is partnering with UNICEF to ensure vaccine distribution is safe, effective and equitable. The Australia-UNICEF partnership has bolstered the national COVID-19 vaccination campaign, supporting the delivery of 1,910 refrigerators to hard-to-reach communes, healthcare worker training, and communications campaigns.

Australia’s vaccine dose deliveries and comprehensive package of support make Australia one of Vietnam’s top partners supporting the national COVID-19 vaccination campaign.