Australian Embassy

Media release - 14 November 2017

Law Enforcement Officers Focus on Transnational Cyber Crime Investigations

Twenty three law enforcement officers from South Asia, South East Asia and North Asia, Australia and Europe will be in Hanoi for the next three weeks for the 44th Asia Region Law Enforcement Management Program (ARLEMP). The officers will study management, communication and cultural topics along with developing their skills in investigating transnational cyber crime.

ARLEMP is a long-term partnership between the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security through the General Department of Police (GDP), the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and RMIT University in Vietnam. Originating in 2005, ARLEMP has become a flag-ship program for emerging police managers and leaders in the region. Over 870 Law Enforcement Officers have graduated from the course since its inception and are working together to combat transnational crime in our region. All partners in this program are committed to promoting cooperation between police agencies, searching for the best practices, supporting information exchange and working together.

The overarching theme of this program is Transnational Cyber Crime Investigations. Cyber crime is an emerging transnational organised crime that costs Australia an estimated 2 billion AUD per year. The primary purpose of cyber crime investigation teams is to prevent, mitigate, investigate and prosecute cyber offences, and to deal with the intersection of crime and technology. Cyber crime is directed at computing and communication technologies, such as unauthorised access to, modification or impairment of electronic communications or data.

With deepening globalisation, advances in the internet and digital communication, ease of international travel and growing integration of financial systems, cyber crime continues to be a global crime.  It is at the heart of many other crimes such as online fraud (e.g. internet or email scams), online identity theft, online child exploitation and online intellectual property infringement.

During the Opening Ceremony this week, law enforcement officials and representatives from the governments of Vietnam and Australia reiterated the importance of interagency cooperation, the seriousness of cyber crime, the flow on effect these crimes have for our communities; and, above all, that it is up to everyone, working as global partners in law enforcement to work with our communities to tackle cyber crime.

The opening of ARLEMP was officiated by Major General Nguyen Duy Ngoc, Deputy Director General, General Department of Police, Ministry of Public Security. ARLEMP 44 will host participants from Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar,  the Philippines, China, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Vietnam.