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Media release - 14 April 2016

Enjoy the Taste of Australia in Vietnam


Next week, Australia will launch its biggest ever food and beverage promotion in Vietnam – ‘Taste of Australia’ – to share Australia’s high-quality, safe and healthy food and beverages through a range of business and public events with the people of Vietnam.


People all over the world enjoy the Taste of Australia every day. Australian food and beverage products are found not only on the menus of Michelin-star restaurants, first-class cabins on global airlines and on the shelves of quality retailers, but in the pantries of discerning chefs, cooks and families striving to create consistent quality meals using safe and healthy products in their restaurants and homes.


Australia is widely recognised as a high-quality and reliable supplier of food and beverages across Asia, providing Asian markets with many food staples such as wheat, meat and milk through to high-end premium products such as wine, lobster and gourmet cheeses.


Australia and Vietnam share a long and prosperous trading history and two-way trade exceeds AUD$10 billion per annum, including over AUD$1.8 billion in food and beverage product exports from Australia to Vietnam.


In recent years, more and more Vietnamese consumers have grown familiar with Australian food and beverages such as beef, cheese, grapes, oranges, wine, and juice. Chefs in Vietnam also love to use Australian food ingredients and share Australia’s sophisticated modern cuisine styles through their menus.


Demand for safe and healthy food and beverage products from Australia continues to grow and in response, the Australian Government has launched Taste of Australia in Vietnam in April 2016 to introduce new and exciting Australian food and beverages to Vietnamese industry and consumers and reinforce Australia’s international reputation as a supplier of high-quality food and beverages that are good value, safe, sustainable and healthy.


In addition to public events at a range of restaurants and outlets across Vietnam, a business-to-business program invites Vietnamese food and beverage importers, distributors, retailers and HORECA representatives to meet with a delegation of over 20 Australian food and beverage suppliers and discuss potential partnerships. Meetings will be held in Hanoi on 20 April and Ho Chi Minh City on 22 April and are open to local Vietnam-based businesses seeking new supply relationships from Australia.


Australian suppliers will introduce a variety of produce including beef, lamb, kangaroo, mandarins, cheese, seafood, wine, beer, milk, infant formula, and juice. In addition, catering to consumer allergy and dietary concerns, a range of health conscious products will also be introduced.


To ensure Australian products are safely handled and prepared for retail or food service, technical workshops are also planned in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Food industry staff can attend workshops to learn butchery skills, merchandising, and wine appreciation. Industry and government representatives will also meet to discuss and share information on horticulture and wine trade.


Restaurants and hotels in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang are also joining Taste of Australia through using fresh and safe ingredients from Australia in special Aussie menus and offers, providing the public with an opportunity to experience Australia’s modern and sophisticated cuisine first-hand in Vietnam.


Taste of Australia will build business and cultural links between Australia and Vietnam and offers a chance for new friends and relationships to develop while enjoying and celebrating modern, safe and delicious culinary experiences from Australia.


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