Australian Embassy

Media release - 23 February 2016

Australia’s contribution key to Vietnam 2035 report


Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Hugh Borrowman today congratulated the Government of Vietnam for its launching of the Vietnam 2035 Report, developed together with the World Bank.

Australia was the largest donor to the Vietnam 2035 report, providing over half the funding. 

Australia also provided a technical governance expert to work on the Report.

‘Australia and Vietnam have an economic partnership through our significant grant aid program.  That partnership is supporting Vietnam’s vision’, said Ambassador Hugh Borrowman.

‘Australia is providing intellectual input in critical reform areas, drawing on our own experience of more than 20 years of uninterrupted economic growth. Our work with the World Bank and Vietnam on the Vietnam 2035 report is an example of this kind of intellectual input.’

‘Australia is proud to have supported the Government of Vietnam and the World Bank in jointly preparing this report, which provides an ambitious plan for the next 20 years for Vietnam.’

Australia is working with Vietnam to achieve many of the reforms outlined in the Report, including in economic reform and restructuring, human resource development, social inclusion and security.

Australia and Vietnam, as two of the 12 TPP countries are working together to make real an agreement covering almost 40 per cent of the world’s GDP.

Australia and Vietnam are also working together on the skills and knowledge of the next generation that will be critical to realising this vision.  Australia is the number one destination for Vietnamese students studying abroad, and Australian students, under the New Colombo Plan, are now studying here in Vietnam.

We are also working together on security, and social inclusion –including through the very high priority Australia has placed on women’s economic empowerment and leadership.

‘Vietnam’s ambitious reform agenda is now further supported by a piece of credible, analytical work in the Vietnam 2035 report that we are launching today’, said Ambassador Hugh Borrowman.

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