Australian Embassy

Media Release - 13/5/2013

Third group of Vietnamese transferred to PNG


The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) today announced the transfer of the third group of Vietnamese irregular maritime arrivals to the regional processing centre (RPC) on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The group of 21 Vietnamese arrived at the RPC on 11 May.

This follows the transfer of the first two groups of 20 and 18 Vietnamese to the RPC on 4 April and 1 May respectively.

The groups were accompanied by detention service provider staff, interpreters and medical staff.

On arrival in PNG, the groups undergo local immigration and quarantine clearance processes before being moved into the regional processing centre.

A DIAC spokesman said “The completion of this transfer reaffirms the strong message of deterrence for anyone considering risking their lives on dangerous people smuggling boats.”

“There will be no advantage for boat arrivals.”

“Anyone arriving in Australia in this way may be transferred to a regional processing centre in PNG or Nauru.”

“The Australian Government is committed to deterring people from taking dangerous journeys by boat and stopping those people smugglers who profit from this despicable trade,” the spokesman said.

Transfers will continue to occur both to PNG and Nauru as part of the policy of regional processing of irregular maritime arrivals.

The Australian Government continues to implement the recommendations of the report of the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers, whose central principle provides that people choosing to travel to Australia by boat should receive no advantage.

The Australian and Vietnamese governments cooperate in close partnership to arrest and prosecute people smugglers and to stop this dangerous trade in human lives.

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