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Media Release - Hanoi Medical University honours Australian professors

Hanoi Medical University honours Australian professors

Hanoi – 30 June 2010: President of the Hanoi Medical University, Associate Professor Nguyen Duc Hinh awarded Honorary Professorship to Professor Kerry John Goulston and Professor Ronald Kim Oates of Sydney University, Australia for their contribution to the cooperation program between the two universities through the Hoc Mai Foundation.

The relationship between the Hanoi Medical University and the Hoc Mai Foundation started in 1999 when Professor Goulston and other founders of Hoc Mai Foundation met Professor Ton That Bach and formulated a cooperation program in medical education and student exchanges. The program trains doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

According to Professor Goulston, from the initial modest program, with the Hanoi Medical University, the Hoc Mai Foundation has now expanded cooperation with medical universities in other Vietnamese cities. Each year, six Vietnamese medical students travel to Australia for a one month clinical placement and around 30 Vietnamese medical students receive scholarships for three months training and practice in Australia. Approximately 25 Australian students come to Vietnam on the same program. This exchange program is very useful in sharing respective experiences on disease prevention and cure and aims to improve patient outcome in Vietnam.

“The Hanoi Medical University still has many training needs, and thus appreciates very much all of the assistance from the University of Sydney through the Hoc Mai Foundation. The recognition of Honorary Professorship for the two Australian professors is an honour for teachers and students of the University,” Associate Professor Nguyen Duc Hinh said at the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Professor Oates said: “Our program through Hoc Mai Foundation shows long-term friendship, respect and the need to learn from each other. We are here to teach but have also learnt a lot from Vietnamese doctors who are very skilled and intelligent. We are not just colleagues but friends who also learn from each other about culture and many other things.”

Professor Goulston and Professor Oates are active participants in the Hoc Mai Foundation, of which Professor Bruce Robinson serves as Chairman and H.E Professor Marie Bashir AC, Governor of New South Wales acts as patron. At the meeting with General Secretary Nong Duc Manh in November 2009 in Hanoi, Professor Bashir emphasised the importance of promoting medical research exchanges through the Hoc Mai Foundation. Beside scholarships provided by the Australian Government, the Foundation also raises private funds for its activities.

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