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Descendance showcases Australian Indigenous culture in Vietnam

DATE: 5 April 2012
SUBJECT: Descendance Performance

Descendance showcases Australian Indigenous culture in Vietnam

Descendance, one of Australian’s leading Indigenous dance groups, will showcase their contemporary interpretation of Australian Indigenous culture for Vietnamese audiences at the Hue Festival 2012, and in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City, from 7 to 16 April.

The group, which consists of five artists, will perform at the Hue Festival’s opening ceremony on
7 April and several times more during the festival. They will also perform at the Danang University of Technology on 13 April and at the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Cultural House on 16 April.

Since forming in 1993, Descendance has toured over 40 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. They have also performed in theatres, movies, television programs and festivals all over Australia. Descendance won the World Dance and Peace Prize at the UNESCO World Culture Open in Korea in 2004, where they competed with entrants from 70 countries.

Allaster Cox, Australia’s Ambassador to Vietnam, said, “I am very proud that Australia will continue its involvement with the Hue Festival this year. I know that many Vietnamese people have heard about Australia’s ancient Indigenous culture, but are yet to experience it firsthand. That’s one reason why the Australian Embassy in Hanoi decided to support this tour.”

“Descendance’s unique fusion of Indigenous Australian and contemporary dance is an excellent example of Australian artists’ innovative and dynamic interpretations of our cultural traditions. We’re very pleased audiences at the Hue Festival, and in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City, will have an opportunity to see them perform.”

Entry to all of Descendance’s performances will be free of charge. The performance at the Da Nang University of Technology (54 Nguyen Luong Bang Street) will start at 19.30 on Friday 13 April. The Ho Chi Minh City performance will take place at 19.00 on Monday 16 April at the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Cultural House.

For more information, please contact:

- In Hanoi: Ms Viet Anh, Tel: 0903 423 440

- In Da Nang: Ms Trang, Tel: 0905 135 100

- In Ho Chi Minh City: Ms Hang, Tel: 0903 995 561