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Media Releases - 2008 - Rural Electrification

Media Releases - 2008

Media Release:  Development Cooperation  
Date: 1 July 2008   


Hanoi – Australia will help the Asian region meet its rapidly growing energy demands in a sustainable way the Australian Foreign Minister, Mr Stephen Smith, announced today during his two-day visit to Vietnam.

“Australia will provide over $30 million through the World Bank over the next four years to improve electricity supplies, reduce power losses in transmission and promote renewable energy in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia”, said Mr Smith.

“Australia will contribute $3.5 million to help Vietnam improve the reliability and efficiency of electricity supplies to rural communities and will support the three main power companies in Vietnam to adjust to the reform of the power sector and help achieve the Government of Vietnam’s goals of universal electrification”, said Mr Smith.

“In Laos, Australia will provide $15 million to help extend electricity supply to 11,500 households in 170 villages; increase to 20,000 the number of households using solar electricity; and install efficient meters to help reduce electricity losses”, said Mr Smith.

“In Cambodia, where only six percent of rural households can access electricity, Australia will provide $12.3 million to help extend electricity supply to an additional 13,000 households and small enterprises in rural areas”, said Mr Smith.

“Funds will also be provided to guarantee loans for new investments in renewable energy sources and to provide improved biomass cooking stoves to reduce both greenhouse gas emissions and indoor air pollution”, said Mr Smith.