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Two Dragons playing with the Lotus

Released on 26 May 2006

“Two Dragons Playing with the Lotus”
Australia -Viet Nam art project comes to life

When two Australian artists travelled to Viet Nam to work with two Vietnamese artists they had never met, they knew the experience would be wonderful.

Philip Nizette and Jennifer Jones, working as the partnership Wellspring Environmental Arts & Design, have been working closely with Hue artists Nguyen Thanh Tung and Ngo Thi Lan Huong, and interpreter Nguyen Thi Hong Ly for the past 3 months to create large sculptures for the Hue Festival in June 2006. Nguyen Thanh Tung and Ngo Thi Lan Huong are both established and experienced lecturers of Hue College of Arts, whose capacity and ideas are very important to the project. Construction has now started, with the Department of Foreign Affairs Hue, several businesses, an d students from the Hue College of Arts all helping to make the project a success.

The project, ‘Two Dragons Playing with the Lotus’, was enthusiastically welcomed by the Hue Festival Organising Committee and encouraged by the Australian Embassy in Hanoi. Two dragons of more than 30 meters long and 4 metres high on the Perfume River will be a popular, free attraction for this year’s festival.

Wellspring has wide experience making large sculptural artworks for public places in Australia such as town squares, parks, shopping centres and public buildings. The designs always consider the needs and interests of the nearby residents, other audience members, and the existing location and conditions. In this way, their artworks are always appropriate for the place. And this is why it was important for them to work with Vietnamese artists and others to develop the project for the Hue Festival.

The idea for the project was first conceived while Philip and Jennifer were enjoying a boat tour on the Perfume River in December 2004. They hope the experience they gain by working with skilled Vietnamese people will lead to more partnerships and projects in Vietnam.

Unilever Vietnam is the principal sponsor of the ‘Two Dragons Playing with the Lotus’ project with their mission being “Adding Vitality to Life”, and has shown a wonderful vision in supporting the project. The government in Philip and Jennifer’s home town of Canberra has also assisted by helping pay their air fare. They are also inviting other businesses to become part of their project.

The project is an imaginative and unique example of international relations and cooperation, which is sure to enthral the thousands of visitors who will visit the Hue Festival in June.

Contact details:
Mr Philip Nizette: 0986789948/ Ms Jennifer Jones: 0985958735 Email:[email protected],
Miss Nguyen Thi Hong Ly (interpreter): 0913410308