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Jeremy Donovan

Indigenous didgeridoo player, artist and keynote speaker, Jeremy Donovan is a descendent from both the Kuku Yalanji tribe of Far Northern Queensland and the Gumbaynngirr tribe of Northern New South Wales. Widely acclaimed as one of the leading indigenous didgeridoo players of Australia, Jeremy's exceptional skill with the didgeridoo, and extensive knowledge of his cultural heritage has earned him the recognition of his peers as a master storyteller and performer.

Jeremy has been playing didgeridoo in both traditional and contemporary performances for over 10 years. He has featured alongside well-known international performers including “System Of A Down" and "King Errisson". He has also toured extensively throughout the United States, Canada , Hawaii, Tahiti, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the UK playing at both world music festivals and cultural centres. This is his first tour to Vietnam.

In addition to his passion for music, Jeremy is also a talented young artist with a growing reputation. His art has now been featured in two sell-out solo exhibitions. Jeremy's work is dynamic using modern expression and deep rooted traditional stories. Jeremy has been described as one of the most collectable young Aboriginal Artist of Australia.

"Learn your culture be proud of where you come from, and never forget the struggle the generations before us have faced. Don't blame others for your trouble or problems. You control your own Destiny." Jeremy Donovan

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