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ACIAR - What areas is ACIAR focusing on in Vietnam

What areas is ACIAR focusing on in Vietnam?


ACIAR currently funds research projects in the fields of forestry, fisheries, livestock production systems, soil management and crop nutrition, horticulture, agribusiness and agriculture policy. We currently have a major program working in the north West Highlands of Vietnam, a smaller program in the South Central Coast, a specific climate change adaptation program in the Mekong delta, a marine aquaculture program, and plantation forestry program with sites in the south, central and north. A detail overview of ACIAR’s current program can be read here.

ACIAR’s research programs are guided by periodic consultations based on geographic area and research fields. These consultations bring together relevant stakeholders to agree on research topics where ACIAR can assist.

Current Priorities have been refreshed through Annual Strategy Discussion and stated in the Vietnam Chapter of ACIAR's Annual Operational Plan.


Summary of Vietnam Strategy Discussion 2015

Annual Operational Plan 2015-16

Cooperation in Agriculture and Rural Development Aide Memoire with Son La Province