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ACIAR’s Academic Scholarships

Building capacity to inform scientific understanding and the design and implementation of policy is core to ACIAR’s mandate. To undertake this work, ACIAR deploy capacity building approaches throughout all of its research activities, including investments in projects, fellowships, and interactions with Australian and developing-country scientists and project staff.

ACIAR is currently managing two Australia Awards schemes: the John Allwright Fellowship and the John Dillon Fellowship.

  • The John Allwright Fellowship (JAF)  is an ACIAR-funded Masters/PhD program that allows overseas scientists to study in Australia. Vietnamese scientists who are working on an active ACIAR project are eligible to apply. JAF provides scientists from partner countries who are involved in ACIAR research projects with the opportunity to obtain postgraduate qualifications at Australian universities. From January 2019, ACIAR has introduced a new capacity building initiative, branded as the John Allwright Fellowship Executive Leadership (JAFel) Program. The new program will equip current and future JAF fellows with management and leadership skills essential to becoming effective leaders in their future roles, capable of driving change and excellence in agricultural research.
  • The John Dillon Fellowship (JDF) is an ACIAR-funded program which provides career development opportunities for outstanding young agricultural scientists or economists from ACIAR partner countries who are involved in a current or recently completed ACIAR project. For 15 years, JDF opened only one round per year, however, since 2018, ACIAR has decided to run two rounds of JDF. The first round is organised in October/November for individuals. The second round is held in May/ June for institutions. To date, ACIAR has awarded 75 JAFs and 19 JDFs to Vietnamese scientists. The scholarship programs have contributed significantly to improving capacity of the scientific community of Vietnam. Many alumni hold important positions in the research institutions or are leading specialists in Vietnam.


Reflections on the Fellowship

John Dillon Fellow: Dang Kim KHOI

John Allwright Fellow: Nguyen Bao NGOC

John Allwright Fellow: Nguyen Thi Da THAO