Australian Embassy

Open Tender: Preferred Travel Agent

Preferred Travel Agent

The Embassy of Australia in Hanoi is seeking proposals for a preferred travel agent agreement. The duration of this agreement will be 24 months with an option to extend for a further 24 months, commencing 01 July 2017.

Service requirements to be addressed by proposals submitted:

  • Make reservations on preferred airlines using discounted fares/best fare of the day;
  • Provide lowest practical flexible fares for domestic travel and best fare of the day for international travel;
  • Provide three alternative quotes/itineraries for each travel request;
  • Provide ticketing services and deliver VIP tickets to the Embassy;
  • Confirm domestic flights within one hour of receipt;
  • Confirm international flights within two to four hours for point to point travel;
  • For complex itineraries, initial details will be acknowledged within four hours and updates on booking will be provided at intervals of no more than 24 hours;
  • Offer alternative options for international itineraries;
  • Maintain records of Embassy staff passenger details such as names, frequent flyer details, preferred seating and meal arrangements;
  • Capacity to provide after business hours service;
  • Ability to receive and respond to email requests in English for travel itineraries and costings and ability of staff to communicate verbally in English; and
  • Have a dedicated contact in the organisation for all Embassy travel requests.

Please also provide information regarding:

  • Company profile;
  • The relationships the travel agent has with airlines and the main customers of the travel agency;
  • The method of payment, ticket delivery, refunds, and the provision of fully flexible tickets;
  • The number of ticketing staff & terminals, address of travel agent, date of establishment and ranking by Vietnam Airlines.

This tender opens 02 June 2017 and closes COB 16 June 2017. Please submit proposals and any questions to by COB 16 June 2017.