Australian Embassy


Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Request for Quote (RFQ)


RFQ Title

Construction of new WHS compliant man-trap (Note: “Man-trap” is also referred to as an “Air-lock”)


RFQ Issue Date

06 January 2017



The following goods and services are to be supplied and/or provided:

The Australian Embassy in Hanoi requires the main man-trap (airlock) to be altered to be compliant with Australian WHS standards. (currently the door width is too small to fit a wheel chair through). Appropriate standard security doors and lock hardware have already been purchased from Australia. The Embassy requires a local contractor to install the doors and locks, and complete the construction modification works based on drawings that will be provided and in line with DFAT security standards (details also attached). Furthermore, the successful Contractor will be required to provide drawings showing the extent of modification required to the be undertaken to the existing services in the man-trap (i.e. electrical, lighting, fire detection/suppression and mechanical services).

Goods to be furnished by the supplier, including services to be provided:

  • Any tools, including protective clothing (eyes, ears, head and feet must be protected at all times when onsite at the Australian Embassy, Hanoi)
  • Materials for demolition/construction and for the protection of existing fitout
  • If able to source, extra tiles to match those of the main foyer to complete floor finishes following main construction or an approved alternative product
  • Labour to complete the Contract works
  • Supervision of that labour
  • The management and removal of all waste associated with the Contract works
  • The Contractor must make good to all existing fitout if damaged during the Contract works
  • Costs associated with handling any Client Supplied goods
  • An indicative works program is required to be submitted in responding to the RFQ

Note: “Client Supplied” means goods provided by the Australian Embassy in Hanoi.



Specifications should follow information contained in the Scope of Works.

Walls: Refer to attachments: WALL-514-FP-WELD-A-4


                                                SIS-1 SECURITY GRILLE DETAIL

Project design: Refer to architectural drawings:

                        A0_01 – Removal/demolition plan

                        A1_01 – Partition type and setout plan

                        A1_11 – Partition type plan – Mesh over g1 & G1HG Walls

                        A2_01 – Reflected ceiling plan

                        A2_11 – Reflected Ceiling plan with Mep & Fire

                        A5_01 – Floor finishes plan

                        A9_04 – Door elevations and openings

Lock hardware schedule: Lock fittings should follow the lock hardware schedule attached – AE Hanoi New Airlock Lock and Access Control Schedule. Note that the access control system will be removed and re-installed separately, this should not be included in the quote.

All fittings removed on walls being demolished should be re-installed and this service included in the quote.



The services are to be delivered in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Proposed Commencement Date: March 2017
  • Proposed Completion Date: End of March 2017
  • Milestones: Full payment to be provided on completion of the project. Payment can only be made with a valid invoice.


Delivery Location

Services are to be provided at the Australian Embassy in Hanoi at 8 Dao Tan, Ba Dinh District in Hanoi.


Contractor Personnel


The contractor must provide an English speaking liaison throughout the project.



Security Requirements

Contractors will be escorted at all times throughout the work requested. The Contractor is to follow all directions to comply with security at the Australian Embassy in Hanoi. Failure to do so will result in removal of personnel from the work site.


Reimbursable Costs

This proposal is a lump sum contract and is to be fully inclusive of all costs to perform and complete the works on time.


Evaluation Methodology

DFAT will conduct a technical assessment of suppliers’ proposals based on the following criteria:  

  1. Work program sufficiently detailed and time required for construction– Weighting 50 %: The Embassy needs an understanding of how long the work will take, if noisy will this work need to be undertaken outside of standard business hours and therefore require extra Embassy personnel to supervise, which steps will be taken first and when should each part begin and also be completed (i.e. Construction of temporary wall, demolition of current wall, construction of new wall, installation of doors and lock hardware, final finishes and make good, services reconnection etc). A program is to be submitted with the RFT response outlining the Contractor’s understanding of the requirements.
  2. Proposed ability to meet all mandatory requirements – Weighting 50 %: Sufficient detail provided to convey ability to complete the job as specified in drawings and other security documents attached. Examples of previous similar work.


Following the technical assessment of quotes, DFAT will undertake a price assessment of the quotes submitted by suppliers to determine the most cost effective proposal.


DFAT will then undertake an overall value for money assessment to identify a preferred supplier.


Quote Format

The Quote must be provided in the following format:

Technical Proposal

  • Must be in English
  • Work program – detailed time line of proposed works to be undertaken and number of personnel required, incl. whether work should be undertaken outside of business hours due to noise
  • Any Past Experience Statements detailing relevant skills and experience of the Supplier to provide the services.

Price Proposal

A price proposal to be submitted in the following format:



Unit Price

(VAT exclusive)


Total Price (VAT inclusive)


As required









Completion of as constructed drawings

1 set –both hard copy and soft copy (including all services)




Insert items as required








[insert quote price]



Closing Time

26 January 2017 at close of business



Quote Lodgement

Please submit Quotes and any questions by email to:

Contact Officer:         Phillippa Dando

Email Address:


1. Quote Conditions

Quotes are subject to the Conditions outlined below. Potential suppliers must submit offers on the form provided with all details provided in English and with prices quoted in a single currency.

2. Quote Lodgement

DFAT will grant extensions to the Closing Time only in exceptional circumstances and, if granted, will apply equally to all potential suppliers. DFAT will not consider any quotes received after the Closing Time specified in the RFQ unless DFAT determines in its sole discretion that it has caused or contributed to the failure to lodge by the Closing Time.

The quote must be lodged as set out in “Quote Lodgement” in the RFQ.

3. Validity

Quotes must remain open for acceptance for 60 calendar days from the Closing Time.

4. Alterations

DFAT may decline to consider a quote in which there are alterations, erasures, illegibility, ambiguity or incomplete details.

5. Inconsistencies

If there is inconsistency between any of the parts of the RFQ the following order of precedence shall apply:

(a) RFQ;

(b) Terms of Reference;

(c) these Quote Conditions;

so that the provision in the higher ranked document will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

6. Amendments and Queries

DFAT may amend, or clarify any aspect of the RFQ prior to the RFQ Closing Time by issuing a formal amendment to the RFQ in the same manner as the original RFQ was distributed. Such amendments or clarifications will, as far as is practicable be issued simultaneously to all parties.

Any queries regarding this RFQ should be directed to the Contact Officer identified in the RFQ.

7. Clarification

DFAT may, at any time prior to execution of a contract, seek clarification or additional information from, and enter into discussions and negotiations with, any or all potential suppliers in relation to their quotes. In doing so, the DFAT will not allow any potential supplier to substantially tailor or amend their quote.

8. Confidentiality of Potential Supplier Information

In their quote, potential suppliers must identify any aspects of their quote that they consider should be kept confidential, with reasons.

Potential suppliers should note that DFAT will only agree to treat information as confidential in cases that it considers appropriate. In the absence of such an agreement, potential suppliers acknowledge that DFAT has the right to disclose the information contained in their quote.

9. Alternatives

Potential suppliers may submit quotes for alternative methods of addressing DFAT’s requirement described in the RFO where the option to do so was stated in the RFQ or agreed in writing with DFAT prior to the RFQ Closing Time. Potential suppliers are responsible for providing a sufficient level of detail about the alternative solution to enable its evaluation.

10. Reference Material

If the RFQ references any other materials including, but not limited to, reports, plans, drawings, samples or other reference material, the potential supplier is responsible for obtaining the referenced material and considering it in framing their quote.

11. Price Basis

Prices quoted must be provided as a fixed maximum price and show the GST exclusive price, the GST component and the GST inclusive price.

The Contract Price must be inclusive of GST and all other taxes, duties (including any customs duties) and any government charges imposed or levied in Australia or overseas. The Contract Price, which must include any and all other charges and costs, will be the maximum price payable by the DFAT for the Goods and/or Services.

12. Evaluation

DFAT will evaluate quotes in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules and this RFQ to determine the best value for money outcome for DFAT. DFAT will notify unsuccessful suppliers of the final decision following award of a contract and suppliers may request a verbal debriefing following the award of a contract.

13. Financial information

If requested by DFAT, potential suppliers must be able to demonstrate their financial stability and ability to remain viable as a provider of the Goods and/or Services over the term of any agreement.

If requested by DFAT, the potential supplier must promptly provide DFAT with such information or documentation as DFAT reasonably requires in order to evaluate the potential supplier’s financial stability.

14. Referees

DFAT reserves the right to contact the potential supplier’s referees, or any other person, directly and without notifying the potential supplier.

15. Reporting Requirements

Potential suppliers acknowledge that DFAT is subject to legislative and administrative accountability and transparency requirements including disclosure to Parliament and its Committees.

Without limiting DFAT’s right to disclose other information, for any contracts awarded, DFAT will publicly disclose the supplier’s name, postal address and a range of details about the Contract, including contract value and the names of any subcontractors engaged in respect of the Contract.

Potential suppliers should also note the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

16. Unpaid Employee Entitlements

Potential suppliers acknowledge that the DFAT will not contract with a potential supplier where it or a proposed subcontractor has a judicial decision against it (excluding decisions under appeal) relating to unpaid employee entitlements where the entitlements remain unpaid.

17. Conflict of interest

Potential suppliers must notify DFAT immediately if any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest arises (a perceived conflict of interest is one in which a reasonable person would think that the person’s judgement and/or actions are likely to be compromised).

18. Collusion and Unlawful Inducements

Potential suppliers and their officers, employees, agents and advisors must not engage in any collusive, anti-competitive conduct or any other similar conduct with any other potential supplier or person or quote any unlawful inducements in relation to their quote or the RFO process.

Potential suppliers must disclose where quotes have been compiled with the assistance of current or former DFAT employees (within the previous 9 months and who was substantially involved in the design, preparation, appraisal, review, and or daily management of this activity) and should note that this may exclude their quote from consideration.

19. DFAT’s Rights 

DFAT, at its discretion, may discontinue the RFQ; decline to accept any quote ; terminate, extend or vary its selection process; decline to issue any contract; seek information or negotiate with any potential supplier that has not been invited to submit a Quote; satisfy its requirement separately from the RFQ process;

terminate negotiations at any time and commence negotiations with any other potential supplier; evaluate quotes as DFAT sees appropriate; and negotiate with any one or more potential suppliers.

20. Indigenous Procurement Policy

Tenderers should note that the Indigenous Procurement Policy ( applies to this procurement.

In particular, Tenderers should note the purpose of the Indigenous Procurement Policy is to stimulate Indigenous entrepreneurship and business development, providing Indigenous Australians with more opportunities to participate in the economy.

Purchases from an Indigenous enterprise may be in the form of engagement of an Indigenous enterprise as a subcontractor, and / or use of Indigenous suppliers in the Tenderer's supply chain.