Australian Embassy

Media Release - 17 August 2017

Australia & Vietnam commit to a long-term partnership in agricultural research


Can Tho, 22 August 2017 – Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) agreed to a long-term commitment to agricultural research collaboration in a bilateral meeting and signing event yesterday.  

The 10-year strategy guides future programs for collaborative research, including research themes, geographic foci and funding priorities from 2017 to 2027.

“I welcome the active participation of Vietnamese partners in the development of the strategy”, said the Australian Ambassador to Vietnam, H.E. Mr. Craig Chittick. “The new strategy provides a roadmap for Australia and Vietnam to work in equal partnership with mutual contributions and benefits for economic growth, security and innovation under the next ten year framework for collaborative agricultural research.”

In the next decade, ACIAR will cooperate with MARD and other partners to continue assisting Vietnam to address obstacles for agricultural development under six focus research areas: Food safety; Climate change; Improving soil fertility and crop efficiency; Improving market engagement; Improving the value from forests; and Aquaculture.

ACIAR will implement research all across Vietnam, with a particular focus in the Mekong Delta, Central Highlands and North-West Highlands.

Future research will involve the private sector to catalyse opportunities for the rural and urban poor.

Collaborative projects will also focus on highly applicable practices, creating opportunities for women to participate in and benefit from research, agribusiness systems and on-farm activities.

The capacity of Vietnamese researchers, farmers, extension workers and students will be improved through working with Australian and international scientists.

Vietnam and Australia enjoy a strong and mutually beneficial relationship, with two-way trade worth over A$10 billion annually. Collaboration in agricultural research between the two countries has developed through the ACIAR’s program. Since 1993, ACIAR has invested A$100 million in 170 research projects in Vietnam, across agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

The full strategy is available here.