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Where to apply

Where to Apply

Online using ImmiAccount

We are expanding our online services and currently the following applications can be submitted online by Vietnamese Nationals;

  • Visitor visa (Tourist or Business streams)*: Subclass 600
  • Student visas: Subclass 500 and 590
  • Partner visas: Subclass 300 and 309
  • Resident return visa (RRV)*: Subclass 155 and 157
  • Citizenship by Descent*
  • Temporary Work: Subclass 400
  • Temporary Activity: Subclass 408 Invited Participant
  • Temporary Work*: Subclass 403
  • Transit visas: Subclass 771

*Paper applications continue to be accepted for these subclasses.

Please see: Online visa lodgement and for more information on how to lodge your visa application online.

Once the online application is complete and all supporting documentation has been attached, please do not send hard copies of documents, email documents or contact the processing office in Vietnam to ask if the documents have been received. This takes time away from processing and may cause delays to the outcome of your visa application.

At an Australian Visa Application Centre - VFS Global (Vietnamese nationals) 

*Please note, from 1 July 2018 Transit visa applications cannot be lodged at VFS Global and must be lodged online (refer above).

VFS Global has been appointed by DIBP as a service delivery partner to collect visa applications, Australian Citizenship by Descent applications and biometrics in Vietnam. Applications in Vietnam can be lodged at any of the VFS Global visa application centres.

Applications must be lodged and biometrics provided by appointment only. For VFS office locations in Vietnam and to schedule an appointment, please see:

Operating hours:

  • Call Centre: 9am – 5pm
  • Application Lodgement and biometrics collection: 8:30am – 3pm (by appointment only)
  • Document Collection: 8:30am – 5pm



  • 1900 565 639 (for clients calling within Vietnam)
  • +84 28 3521 2000 (for client calling from overseas)

Clients with urgent visa applications may be considered for expedited processing, however, only in exceptional circumstances and on a case by case basis. Please make this known to VFS when booking your appointment or lodging your visa application.

Important Notices

Incomplete applications

Under the Migration Act 1958 applications may be decided on the basis of available information. Therefore, it is important that applications contain all requested information at time of lodgement. Incomplete or poorly documented applications are likely to be refused.

Complete your medical examination before you lodge your visa application

All visa applicants need to meet Australia’s health requirement and depending on which visa you intend to apply for, a medical examination may be required. Please refer to the relevant visa document checklist for further guidance.

The health examination and following immigration health assessment process can take several weeks to be completed. To avoid delays, you can complete your health examinations before lodging your visa application by using a new service called My Health Declarations.

My Health Declarations is a service that allows you to complete your health examination before lodging your visa application using our eMedical system.

Start: My Health Declarations

Fraud or misrepresentation

Any degree of fraud or misrepresentation will result in your application being refused. Applicants should answer all questions truthfully and disclose any information relevant to the question. All signatures on forms and in the applicant’s passport must be the applicants.

Certification of documentation

All documents issued in Vietnam that require certification must be certified by the applicant’s local Peoples Committee or the State Public Notary.

The Consular Section of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade at the Australian Embassy in Hanoi and the Australian Consulate-General in Ho Chi Minh City can certify documents issued by the Australian government organisations and/or other Australian agencies and witness signatures of the Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents at their request, however, please note there is a small fee for this service.

In Australia, copies may be certified by a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations, or person before whom a statutory declaration may be made under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959. Photocopies of certified copies are not acceptable.

Translation of documentation

Some Vietnamese documents will require an English translation. Please refer to the relevant document checklist for the type of visa you are applying for. All other foreign language documents must be accompanied by a certified translation.


Last updated 6 September 2018