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This information is provided to assist applicants in completing the visa application process in Vietnam. Applicants must also read the information regarding visiting Australia on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) main website.

This information is intended for applicants wishing to visit Australia for tourism or other recreational activities such as holidays, sightseeing or visiting relatives and friends. This visa also allows short term study for periods of less than 3 months.

This information must be read in conjunction with the Vietnam General Information sheet which provides details on lodging a visa application in Vietnam.

Changes to lodgement and processing arrangements for Sponsored Family Visitor visas

As of 01 August 2010, applicants wishing to apply for a Sponsored Family Visitor Visa are required to complete Form 48S - Application to visit Australia as a sponsored family visitor. Sponsors are required to complete Form 1149 - Application for sponsorship for sponsored family visitors. Both application forms should be lodged together at one of the processing centres in Australia by post or courier, according to the address of the sponsors at the time of lodgement. 

Further information about:


Please refer to the Vietnam General Information sheet for information regarding standard processing time.


The following is a list of documents that should be submitted in support of a Tourist visa application. This list specifies the minimum documentation only and is not exhaustive. It is open to applicants to submit any documentation they wish which they believe will assist in the assessment of their application.

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Form 48R - Application to visit Australia for tourism or other recreational activities


4 passport size photographs (4cm x 6cm) for each applicant. Photographs must not be more than 6 months old.


Signed Passport. Expired and unsigned passports are not acceptable.


Details of Relatives Form.


Certified copy of all pages of the current Household Registration Book


Certified copy of Birth Certificate


Original Curriculum Vitae (CV) certified by the local authority. Applicants employed by state-owned agencies/enterprises should have their CV verified by the employer. CV must not be more than 6 months old.


Evidence of current marital status (e.g. Divorce certificate, Marriage certificate, etc.)


Evidence of access to sufficient funds to cover the duration of the proposed stay in Australia (e.g. evidence of your income in Vietnam, evidence of bank savings etc.). Certified copies of original bank books / documents to be provided. Please note that bank statements submitted must be less than 2 months old (at date of lodgement).


Evidence of house or land ownership or other significant assets


If working - full details of your work including your title, work address and work phone number and a letter from your employer confirming your leave


If a child under 18 years old is traveling, written authorisation letter from both parents of the child allowing him/her to travel. The signatures of the parents on the letter must be certified by the local authority.


If you are visiting family in Australia, you will also need to provide:


Evidence of relationship to the relative such as a certified copy of the relative’s Birth Certificate


Evidence of your relative’s Australian citizenship or permanent residence in Australia (Certified copy of Australian passport, birth certificate or foreign passport containing evidence of permanent Australian residence) OR evidence of your relative’s status in Australia if they are a temporary resident, e.g. confirmation of school attendance


A letter of invitation from your relative confirming the type of support being provided


If the relative is funding your stay in Australia, evidence of that relative’s funds such as a recent bank statement (not more than 2 months old), evidence of their employment and income such as Notices of Assessment issued by the Australian Taxation Office


Applicants should refer to Visiting Australia on the DIAC main website or the Australian Embassy, Hanoi website for further information about applying for a Visitor visa.


Last updated 12 March 2012